Sunday, April 29, 2012

General Tips and Tricks

Well, not really tips, just things I think are really important if you want to make money online for free.  This should help get new people started in a good direction without having to learn from mistakes.  Believe me, it's nice to have something to focus on when getting started to avoid from being scammed.

Give yourself a goal for why you are earning.
If you have a reason to earn, you'll be more likely to continue trying. And even if your goal for is to earn some more money, maybe strive for a certain amount or get yourself something a present for earning.

Get yourself a blog or even a simple webpage
Having a simple page can help gain you a few referrals. You can clearly see my blog isn't updated all that often and yet I've had people sign up under me from reading what I've posted so far, so nothing is too small. It also gives you a simple link that you can send to people if they ask for ways to earn instead of sending them your many referral links.

Get yourself a second email address.
You may get spammed by joining sites. So far I haven't been, but it can happen. In which case, you don't want them having your main email address. By making a second one specifically to earn money with, then you always know that your money earning sites are connected to that email address and not another you might have.

Figure out how you like to earn.
Personally, I enjoy watching a video for cash. Others prefer filling out offers, and even other prefer being paid to click. Once you figure out the thing you enjoy the most, look for other sites like that so earning is enjoyable for you.

Visit your sites daily.
One, it is the only way you will make a profit quickly. Two, many people complain about their referrals not earning or quitting after a few days. Then you find out they aren't active either. Why would your expect your referrals to work harder than you do?

Be skeptical of sites.
Just cause someone says you can earn hundreds, feel free to try it, but stay skeptical until you receive your payment. I can show you my proof of payment and others can show your theirs as well, but that doesn't mean anything from your point of view. Until the cash is in your hand, there's nothing wrong with playing it safe.

Don't pay to earn.
If you have to pay to earn, then you really aren't earning, your paying yourself back.  If you pay $10 and earn $15, you're only up $5.  Keep this in mind before doing that offer that costs you $50 but only earns you $30.

Be careful what you choose to upgrade.
If you can earn for free but choose to upgrade, that's your choice, but keep in mind that you need to re-earn that money that you just lost.  If you do that, you'll be able to figure out which upgrades are worth their price and which are just sucking up your cash.

Think about how much time you want to spend earning.
If you have no problem spending 10 hours a day earning, fine.  There are plenty of time consuming ways to earn.  However, some people only have an hour to spend, or less even.  In which case, try to figure out the best ways to earn.  Like with a job, you want to earn as much for the time you put in.

This is just a list of things that seemed important to me at the moment.  Surely there are other things that are important to keep in mind, so I will update this when they come to me.  Have a good week all.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Long Disappearing Act

Well, I certainly was hoping to have another post before now, though with school and life, it became a bit to hectic to sit down and type something out that I felt would be enough to describe the sites I am using to make money online. Luckily now I have a break so I can get to work writing out a better opinion of what I think of the sites I've joined.

Overall, I've enjoyed using all of them. I've been watching my numbers grow closer to that minimum payout numbers. School work sucked up a lot of my time so I couldn't dedicate a lot of time to making money online, but I was able to dedicate some time each day to bring my balance up. Also adding new sites throughout the time threw off my usual schedule, though now I've gotten it all under control. I haven't really gotten to tell you my opinions about these sites so let me kinda give a brief view on my experience with some of them.

The first site I started with was Cashcrate and it is a great way to earn money online, offering a variety of ways to earn money while combining them all to one balance. It is a perfect site to use when you are starting out trying to make money online and I would honestly recommend it to anyone looking to earn some additional income. Check out their forum if you join and you will see that some people are making a substantial amount from this site and even some will help you learn how to as well.

Panda Research was another that I joined early on that offered great incentives. There surveys are easy to fill out and they tell you everything you need to do to get credit so as long as you follow directions, you should have no problems earning with them. You can also earn a bit from emails they send out daily to help reach their rather lofty limit.

Swagbuck is a rather simple way to earn money or gift cards. They offer a variety of ways to earn like Cashcrate though their main choice is through searches. Just substitute your daily searches on google to those through Swagbuck and you'll be able to cash out in no time. There are even daily tasks you can do to ensure you get something every day.

Ipsos I-Say is a great survey site. Not only are you paid for completing a survey, but you will get paid a fraction for just attempting a survey even if you are rejected. MyPoints also offers benefits to attempting their surveys which makes me glad to try.

InstantCashSweepstakes and PaidViewport are new to this making money online world but still offer some excellent services, paying out customers for answering a few simple question. PaidViewport offers surveys that can add from $0.10 to a $1 to your balance with one survey and InstantCashSweepstakes rewards you for answering just surveys that are only 3 questions.

Beezag, Jingit, and Varolo each offer their own twist to the paid to watch ads world. Similar to PTC in my eyes, these sites offer a little money for the tasks you do daily anyway. While Jingit is more profitable initially, both Beezag and Varolo are capable of earning you a nice sum at the end of the month.

Then there are the infamous PTC sites like Clixsense, WordLinx, Clicksia, and Incentria. These sites tend to pay a cent or two per click so they can become tiresome after a while but still offer a good string of income. Clixsense and WordLinx have offered more ads for me overall and seem to have a higher payout for clicks then others. Clicksia and Incentria however have a built in Traffic Exchanger which can be used to promote your own site without forcing you to resort to spamming your referral links everywhere.

As you can see from this post alone there is a fair bit to explain per site and I've yet to even scratch the surface with these (and I haven't even mentioned some of the others). However, the internet is filled with various ways to earn money online scam free, you just have to take the time to look. I've given you all enough to think about so I shall stop here for today.

Have a good week all and a safe and Happy Holidays!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sites That You Can Make Money On

Alright, so after my first post you might be interested to see how I'm making money online. I figure first things first would be to list all the sites I'm currently using and then tell you how I feel about them.

Once my more in depth post come out, I will give more information about what other areas are able to join these sites.

Browsing for Cash

MyBrowserCash - Get paid for being online. Install their software and let it run while you're online. You are paid for a window that pops up telling you about a site, do what the pop up says to get paid. Minimum payout is $20 to Paypal or AlertPay.

Traffic Exchanges That Pay

EasyHits4U - A traffic exchange site that gives you 1:1 traffic with a 20 second timer. You can also earn cash while promoting your site. View 1000 sites and earn $0.30. Minimum payout is $3 to your Paypal or AlertPay account.

XtremeSurf - A traffic exchange that with a 1:1 ratio with an 8 second timer. You also earn $0.05 for every 15 sites you visit. Plus you can earn from their PTC section. The minimum payout sadly is $100 to Alertpay or Liberty Reserve.

Paid to Read

Hits4Pay - Read emails to earn cash. Minimum payout is $25 to Paypal. You get a $5 bonus upon signing up.

DealsNCash - Read emails to earn cash. Minimum payout is $30 to Paypal. You get a $5 bonus upon signing up.

Survey Offers:

Cashcrate - Complete free offers, trials, surveys, and shop through for credits. Some require a credit card but others don't. You can also search with their toolbar, play games, watch videos, and check in for some extra points daily. Minimum payout is $20 by check (regular) or direct deposit (silver members only).

SuperPoints - Complete surveys and offers, watch videos, Superpoint Button to earn points. Minimum payout is $5 in the form of Paypal, various giftcards, and even electronics. Unlike others, you have to be invited by someone who is already a member.

FusionCash - Complete surveys and offers. Earn money for reading emails, watching videos, and clicking links. Minimum payout is $25 by check, direct deposit, or Paypal. You get a $5 bonus upon signing up.

DollarClickOrSignup - Complete surveys, sign up, or click on ads and visit websites. Minimum payout is $1 to AlertPay, MoneyBookers, Liberty Reserve and GiftCards.

DealBarbiePays - Complete surveys and free offers for cash and signs. Daily surveys and paid to click links as well. Minimum payout is $5 and can be in the form of check, direct deposit, Paypal, and giftcards.

InboxPays - Complete surveys and offers. Earn money for reading emails. Minimum payout is $50 by Paypal. You get a $5 bonus upon signing up.

InboxDollar - Complete surveys and offers. Earn money for reading emails, playing games, searching, and watching videos. Minimum payout is $30 by check. You get a $5 bonus upon signing up.

ClickOrSignup - Complete offers and clicks to earn cash. Minimum payout is $1 to Paypal, AlertPay, or money order.

Panda Research - Complete surveys and offers. Payments range from $3 to $75. More like $1 to $75 though higher offers may require credit cards or more personal information. Earn a few cents for reading the emails they send to you. Minimum payout is $50 by Paypal.
Points2Shop / Cashle - These two sites work together, either earning you points or cash. There are offers to complete, videos to watch, games to play, and many other ways to earn. Getting paid depends on how you earn, but you can cash out at $1 through Paypal or Alertpay and the lowest point value for payout is 1000 points (about $10). You get a $0.5 bonus upon signing up.

SquishyCash - Complete surveys, try products, go shopping, and click to earn on this site. Plenty of free offers and daily surveys to help you build up cash. The minimum to cash out is $20 to Paypal, Alertpay, Check, Direct Deposit, Amazon Giftcard, or Walmart Giftcard. You get a $5 bonus upon signing up.

Search and Earn:

Swagbuck - Search, complete offers, play games, watch videos, and find swagcodes (kinda like promo codes) for swagbucks. These swagbucks can be traded in for items, gift cards, or even cash (Paypal). Minimum payout via Paypal is $5.

IRazoo - Search, complete offers, do tasks, fill out surveys, complete offers, and play games. Minimum payout is $5 in the form of various giftcards.

Zoombucks - Search, complete offers, play games, enter promo codes, watch videos, and do tasks. Minimum cash payment is $5 to Paypal. Points earn here can also be turned into giftcards or even items.

MyPoints - Search the web, fill out surveys, and play games. They will even compensate you if you don't qualify for a survey. Minimum cash payout is $25 to Paypal. Points can also be turned into other giftcards as well.

Pure Survey:

InstantCashSweepstakes - Fill out quick, short surveys. You earn tickets, coins, and even cash. Tickets give you a chance to win $50 every day and coins give you a chance to win $2 every 4 hours. You get about $0.01 a day regardless of winning ticket/coin contest. Getting cash isn't quick, but minimum payout is $2 to Paypal.

PaidViewport - Fill out surveys to earn cash and increase your TrustScore. Increasing your TrustScore can get you more surveys and thus, more cash. Minimum payout is $15 to Paypal.

PollBuzzer - Answer a single question and you'll earn a $1 to your Paypal account. And, to make it better, the questions are emailed to you so you don't have to check the site constantly for new questions.

Vindale Research - Complete surveys, studies, reading email, and watch videos. Surveys offer the most. Studies can be done multiple times a day (according to the site). Minimum payout is $50 to Paypal.

Opinion Outpost - Complete surveys for points. You can sign up for emails when a new survey is available. Most surveys are 10 point minimum (some 5) and 10 points equals a dollar. Minimum payout is $5 for an Amazon giftcard or $20 for a check.

Survey Downline - Complete surveys. You can earn from $1 to $30 from my experience. Minimum payouts are $15 for Facebook credits or $20 for Paypal.

Mindfield - Fill out surveys to get credit. Minimum payout is $5.

MyView - Fill out surveys to earn cash. Minimum payout varies on the type of reward you want.

Paid to Watch:

Beezag - Get paid to watch ads. Minimum payout is $8 to Paypal.

Parade Video Rewards - Get paid to watch ads. Minimum payout is $8 to Paypal.

Jingit - Get paid to watch ads. No minimum payout. Funds can be accessed by getting a debit card or used to buy music on MusicMe.

Varolo - Get paid to watch ads. Minimum payout is $20 to Paypal.

Paid to Click:

Clixsense - Paid to click ads. Minimum payout is $10 to Paypal, AlertPay, or Check.

NeoBux - Paid to click ads. Minimum payout is $2 dollars to Paypal or AlertPay.

WordLinx - Paid to click ads. Minimum payout is $10 to Paypal.

Clicksia - Get paid to click ads. Minimum payout is $1 to Paypal or AlertPay.

Incentria - Get paid to click ads. Minimum payout is $1 to Paypal or AlertPay.

Clicks4Cents - Get paid to click ads. Minimum payout is $1 to Paypal or AlertPay.

Cashtream - Get paid to click ads. Minimum payout is $0.10 to Paypal or $1.30 to AlertPay.

CashNHits - Get paid to click ads. Eight different ways to earn. Minimum payout is $0.60 to Paypal or $1.26 to AlertPay.

PTCBox - Get paid to click ads. Minimum payout is $2 to Paypal or AlertPay.

MatrixMail - Get paid to click ads and read emails. Minimum payout is $2 to Paypal or AlertPay.

DonkeyMails - Get paid to click ads and read emails. Minimum payout is $0.01 for OKPay and Liberty Reserve, $0.50 for SolidTrustPay, $1 for Paypal, and $1.06 for AlertPay.

JillsClickCorner - Get paid to click ads. Minimum payout is $0.10 for OKPay and LibertyReserve, $0.50 for SolidTrustPay, $1 for Paypal and PerfectMoney, and $1.05 for AlertPay.

Linkgrand - Get paid to click ads. Minimum payout is $5 to Paypal.
Cashadda - Get paid to click ads. Minimum payout is $1 to AlertPay.

ADmimsy - Get paid to click ads. Minimum payout is $15 to Paypal or AlertPay.

YouData - Get paid to click and view ads/sites. No minimum payout. You are paid every Friday to Paypal.

Investment Sites:

JSS-Tripler - JustBeenPaid/JSS-Tripler allows you to buy positions that will earn you 2% a day for 75 days. Buy more positions to increase your earnings. You get a $10 bonus upon signing up.

Obviously there are more to these sites then just minimum payout and what you have to do to earn from them, so keep an eye out for my next few posts where I give a more indepth look at these sites and what I think about them.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wanna know if it's possible, follow the story

Ever wonder if these ways to make money online actually work?
Well then you are in my shoes.

To give you some idea of who's behind the writing, my name is Elizabeth and I'm a college student.  Every extra dollar is appreciated when you're paying upwards of $400 for books alone.  Now, not everyone necessarily needs money for bills or the like.  I'm sure there are a few people out there who would like just a few extra spending dollars.  Well, either way, I doubt anyone would turn down some extra money.

So, I figured I'd see if all this extra money is out there and decided to use this blog as a way to document how I was able to make money online (or not depending on the site). 

As of last Sunday, I decided to give it a try and see for myself.  I'm almost at the week mark so far and while it's a learning process, this seems like something people can easily make money doing.